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December 22, 2015
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Frequently, when people hire a caterer for an event at home, they are reluctant to spend the additional money to rent table settings. While they might be comfortable with renting table cloths and napkins to ensure the party has a specific look and feel, some people feel renting table settings makes the party too impersonal.

Take the time to talk to your caterer about your options for table settings. Plain, white ceramic plates, bowls, and mugs are always available, but frequently you can rent colors and patterns to add to the overall tone of the event. For example, for an intimate wedding, you might want to serve dinner on plates reminiscent of your grandmother’s fine china. Or for a birthday, you might want to add splashes of color with bold blues, yellows, or pinks.

Thankfully, breakage is common, and you don’t have to worry about losing a piece out of a personal, limited set of dishes when you rent. Generally, a few broken pieces is so common, you won’t be charged anything for one or two broken dishes.

The greatest benefit of renting plates and flatware for your event is the easy clean-up. You won’t spend hours standing in the kitchen washing and drying plates. Nor will you have to see a spike in your water bill because you ran the dishwasher five or six times after the party. If you are doing your own clean up, you simply scrape the dishes and set them in containers for pick up the next day.

Catering companies exist to make planning your party easy – not to simply cook food. Take full advantage of the host of decorating and service products the catering company offers in order to make your party pleasant for you and your guest