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Valentine's wedding planning

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, Superior is ready to field the onslaught of wedding inquiries. Each call typically starts with congratulating the lucky couple and then quickly gets down to business. Beware our sales team asks a lot of questions! It’s your big day and we want to make sure we’ve got your dream covered.

We will ask the obvious questions: date, guests, location, budget, beverage needs, etc. but we also want to understand your likes and dislikes too. We will work with you to customize a menu and event plan as well as offer floral and décor services too. Give us a call to start planning your special day!

Getting married on Valentine’s Day? You must be a true romantic. Have your Valentine’s Day Wedding reflect all the romance of your love story with special details. Even if you’re not getting married on Valentine’s Day, consider incorporating some of these touches for a truly inspiring day.

The origins of Valentine’s Day dates back to the 5th century, with many debates as to how St. Valentine and the holiday that has over 150 million people exchanging holiday cards all started. No matter what you believe of these traditions and how they began, I think that we can all agree that exchanging your vows on a day momentous for love is more than fitting.

Attire: On Valentine’s Day, an old-fashioned look is always romantic. You’ll want to wear a classic style dress and tuxedo. Look to old movies, including Funny Face and legendary weddings including Grace Kelly’s and Jackie Kennedy’s. A second option is to go for a white dress with red accents. Wear your hair pulled back with red roses pinned into your chignon. Wrap a vibrant red shawl around your arms, and carry an overflowing bouquet of more red roses.

Have your bridesmaids wear the same dress in varying shades of pink and red, and have groomsmen wear red ties with different red and pink boutonnières.

Setting: Make sure you book your location early, as Valentine’s Day is a very popular day to tie the knot. Wed someplace that will allow you to light lots of candles to really set the mood for a late evening ceremony. Alternatively, look for a place warm enough in February to be in a secluded garden or a Victorian greenhouse filled with lush flowers. Decorate as you would for a romantic dinner- soft lighting, gauzy fabrics, flowers, candles, and plenty of atmosphere.

Ceremony: Ask married couples to stand during your wedding and reaffirm their love for each other.

Music: A string quartet or Italian opera singer will help set the mood. If you want to have a DJ, create a song list full of love songs.

Flowers: Flowers are by definition romantic, so use almost any flowers in abundance. While roses are the classic, roses in February are extremely expensive. So look to other pink and red flowers, including tulips, hydrangea, and freesia.
Menu: Why not fan the sparks between your guests by including some aphrodisiacs in the menu, including an oyster bar, asparagus, almonds, chicken with mole sauce (a Mexican chocolate sauce), and chocolate covered strawberries and bananas.

Invitations: Set the tone with your invitations by writing something like “Come celebrate love and romance on Valentine’s Day at the wedding of Samantha Anne Baker and Jason Achmad Ahrens”

Favors: Give your guests tiny heart-shaped boxes of candy with a note attached saying “Thank you for being our Valentines. Love, Samantha and Jason.”

Special Touches: Instead of table numbers, name your tables after famous romantic couples. These can be

Real: Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn,

Fictional: Fred and Wilma Flintstone,

Contemporary: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, or

Ancient: Antony and Cleopatra.

Other famous couples:
Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier
Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy
Robert and Elizabeth Browning
Romeo and Juliet
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick