Top 20 Fun Things to Do on Father’s Day

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May 24, 2019
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Whether dad is an avid outdoorsman, beer connoisseur, kid at heart, or a grillin’ chillin’ kinda guy, the best gift you can give him this Father’s Day is — without a doubt — quality time together.

Father’s Day isn’t about spending a ton of money. It’s about spending a ton of quality time with dad. So instead of splurging on something he will likely only use once or subjecting the poor guy to yet another tie this Father’s Day, give your old man the gift of experience this year and plan a day doing what he loves best. Whether he likes to get out and explore or stay in and relax, there are plenty of fun ideas to make this Father’s Day one for the books.

Here are 20 fun things to do on Father’s Day that the whole family can enjoy and that will definitely make dad feel loved!

  1. Learn to Make Pizza from Scratch with Dad: Nothing beats homemade pizza. And making pizza from scratch is easier than you think and even more fun when you turn it into a Father’s Day party! You’ll also be able to endlessly customize toppings to suit dad and get creative with both vegetarian and carnivorous combinations. Join us for a hands-on homemade pizza party for a fun thing to do this Father’s Day
  2. Attend a Car Show: Put the pedal to the metal and cruise on out to a car show this Father’s Day. If your old man is a car enthusiast, he will love wandering around and sharing his appreciation for classic cars, antique autos, and vintage hot rods with you. Take dad to a classic car show for a fun thing to do on Father’s Day
  3. Take a Hike: Whether you pack a sack and embark on a daylong trek or opt for a hike down a shorter trail, you and dad are sure to take a stroll down memory lane as you walk and talk and enjoy each other’s company. Hiking with your family is a free and fun thing to do on Father’s Day
  4. Embark on a Food Tour: Experience what your city has to offer by embarking on a food tour! Stroll through local staples, hidden gems, international wonders, and more local haunts that capture the essence of your city’s culinary landscape. Food tours are one of the most fun things to do on Father’s Day this year and cater to every paternal palate and personality. Take dad on a food tour for a fun Father’s Day idea
  5. Go Golfing: Golf and Father’s Day have long gone hand in hand. But instead of getting your golf-loving father another golf shirt or box of golf balls, surprise him by scheduling a tee time! Golfing together is one of those timeless things to do on Father’s Day that is sure to be a hole in one. For a timeless Father’s Day gift, take dad golfing this year
  6. Catch a Baseball Game: Major League Baseball is in full swing come Father’s Day and there are games going on in nearly every city across the country. No matter what team he roots for, a good time is sure to be had by all when you take dad out to a ballgame this Father’s Day. A Father’s Day baseball game is sure to be a home run!
  7. Organize a Family Kickball Game: Kickball is great because it’s all-inclusive. Anyone in the family can play regardless of their level of athleticism. Get the neighbors, another family, or some of the extended family on board and match up against each other. The more the merrier! Challenge the family to a game of kickball this Father’s Day
  8. Treat Dad to a Michelin Quality Meal: Treat dad to a Michelin quality meal made by a highly trained and experienced private chef for an all-out indulgent Father’s Day. These multi-course menus feature incredibly high-quality dishes prepared by some of the best chefs in the country. So, no matter what dad is craving, there’s a signature private dining experience with his name on it. Spoil dad with a private chef for a special Father’s Day idea

9.Try Kayaking: Take dad out for a Father’s Day on the water. There are few things to do on Father’s Day that a father loves more than spending uninterrupted time disconnected from the digital world with his offspring. Spend the day on the water with dad this Father’s Day

  1. Go for a Bike Ride: Take dad for a ride on a new or unexplored biking trail. If dad is more of a concrete jungle kind of guy, you can opt for an urban adventure filled with fun stops at little random locations along the way. No matter which route you take, a family bike ride always makes for one of the most fun things to do on Father’s Day. Take a family bike ride for a fun Father’s Day
  2. Go Kart Racing: For the father with an insatiable need for speed, take him out to the track for a little go kart racing this Father’s Day. Your dad challenges you to be better every day and now it’s time to turn the tables and challenge dad! Take dad go kart racing for one of the most fun things to do this Father’s Day
  3. Enjoy an Argentinian Steak Night: Get dad fired up for Father’s Day and discover the culinary traditions of Argentina in this Argentinian Steak Night cooking class. You and dad will learn how to make fresh empanadas, a classic Argentinian-style grilled skirt steak with chimichurri, and melt-in-your-mouth beef and grilled vegetables atop a crusty crostini and cilantro pesto sauce. Treat dad to a delicious steak dinner for Father’s Day this year
  4. Plan a Camping Trip: If the great outdoors is his thing, then planning a camping trip is one of the best things to do this Father’s Day. Many KOA campgrounds even have deals and waive fees for those willing to rough it with dad this Father’s Day. Plan a camping trip for dad for a unique Father’s Day gift
  5. Go Fishing: There’s arguably no better way to make Father’s Day really count than by going fishing with dad. It’s one of the most meaningful things to do on Father’s Day whether you catch more than enough for dinner or never get a bite. Take dad fishing for a fun, easy, and relaxing Father’s Day experience
  6. Father’s Day Grill and Chill: Follow a philosophy of local and organic as you and dad learn how to grill just about anything to perfection in our Master Your Grill cooking class. From tender chicken to ribeye steak complete with crosshatch marks to garlic bread to vegetables and even to even fruit, a grill and chill session is always one of the best things to do on Father’s Day
  7. Chase Down a Food Truck:Taco ‘bout fun things to do on Father’s Day. Find out what dad has a hankering for and chase down a food truck this Father’s Day. From arepas to za’atar kabobs, food trucks have anything dad could ever want, all the way from A to Z. Chase down a food truck for a fun Father’s Day activity
  8. Check Out a Comedy Club: Have a laugh at a comedy club for one of the most gut busting things to do on Father’s Day. Check out what kinds of improv shows (bonus points for getting dad up on stage!) or stand-up routines are scheduled near you this Father’s Day. Bring dad to a comedy club this Father’s Day for some laughs!
  9. White Water Rafting: White water rafting is a great way to spend Father’s Day. Different classes of rapids mean the expedition can be as exciting and exhilarating as you want. Alternatively, you can opt for the slow and relaxing lazy river float.
  10. Road Trip to a Weekend Getaway: Plan an entire weekend away for dad and road trip to a new destination or one of his old favorites. Find a fun Airbnb to bunk at for the night, make a playlist full of classic road trip tunes, pack the snack bag, and hit the open road for a combination Father’s Day road trip and weekend getaway!
  11. Play Paintball: Gear dad up for a friendly game of paintball this Father’s Day! There are tons of paintball parks across the country, many of which are running Father’s Day specials including fun games, waived entry fees, and free rentals.

With all of these fun dad-approved ideas, which one are you most excited to do this Father’s Day?

For more ideas for fun things to do on Father’s Day this year, check out what other Superior experiences are happening in your city on Father’s Day!