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November 11, 2019
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January 1, 2020

Whether it is for an allergy, a sensitivity, a special diet, or personal preference, about 60% of American adults are limiting their diet by removing one or more foods. How can you handle this common issue and still provide a great meal for guests at a special event? Here are a few tips:

Have a place to mark dietary restrictions on RSVP cards – Make sure you follow up if someone checks an allergy to see how severe it is.

Decide whether to alter the menu or just one meal – If a significant number of guests have the same need, it makes sense to adjust the entire menu. The same thing may be necessary if there is a dangerous allergy, even for just one guest. On the other hand, if one guest has a preference or mild sensitivity, you can provide one special meal or just mark items that contain the ingredient being avoided.

Hire an allergen-conscious catering service – You can simplify the processes by hiring a catering service that understands the importance of getting the meal right both for taste and for the health of your guests.

Whether you are dealing with guests that have allergies or any other sort of dietary restriction, Superior Catering would love to cater your event, and we’re happy to handle special requests for meals. Contact us today at 414.671.1200 so that we can discuss your meal and the special dietary needs of any of the guests at your upcoming event.