Make Your Mom the Perfect Breakfast in Bed for Mother’s Day

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April 29, 2019
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April 29, 2019

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show appreciation for that special maternal figure in your life, be it your actual mom, your children’s mom, or even your partner who is pretty good at keeping the pet goldfish alive. For these people that go the extra mile all year ‘round, the least we can do is give them a chance to relax with that tried-and-true Mother’s Day gift: breakfast in bed! To make sure this breakfast-in-bed endeavor goes smoothly and results in the intended rest and enjoyment (and not more stress!), let’s talk about what tools you need, what you should serve, and some additional tips to keep in mind throughout.

The Gear

First, make sure you have the all-important bed tray! You can go with just a basic Bed Tray, or you can even work an extra gift into the day by customizing a vintage-style, personalized serving tray with Mom’s name, initials, or favorite quote. A serving tray with legs makes for more comfortable in-bed dining, and if you opt for the type with a lip, then you’re less likely to spill coffee and crumbs all over the bed—definitely preferable to creating a big mess!

Depending on Mom’s preferences, you might also want to have a few of these other serving items on-hand to help things go smoothly. If a morning mimosa would be a welcome addition, skip the stemmed champagne flutes (ready to topple over and break with the slightest jostle), and go with something sturdy like a Libbey  Stemless Champagne Flute. For coffee-drinkers, an extra-special touch could be serving fresh coffee, ready-to-press in the cheerful-looking Bodum French Press. If mom likes flowers, add a small vase with a single stem to the tray too (and give her a bigger bunch later).

The Menu

Speaking of eggs, let’s talk about what to serve! Keep in mind that this day is about the guest-of-honor: Mom, or that wonderful mom-like figure in your life. This is the time to think about what she likes—if Mom doesn’t like runny yolks, soft-boiled or over-easy eggs are not the way to go. However, if Mom does like soft-boiled eggs, check out our guide for Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs. Serve shell-on in that egg server with the little accompanying spoon, and provide warm toast to help soak up that delicious yolk, as well as some butter and jam options.

For the health-minded mom, overnight oats are a great option that also save you some morning-prep time. you set it up the night before, and you only have to stir and top with almonds the next morning. Or, for a savorier option, try Healthy Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwiches. With eggs, kale, avocado, and spelt bread, this breakfast starts the day out right with vegetables and whole grains.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget about moms with a sweet tooth—for these moms, pancakes are the obvious choice. Use our recipe for Easy Banana Pancakes to keep things simple. Less prep means less mess, and less mess means you’re more likely to follow through with the cleanup instead of committing that cardinal sin of Mother’s Day: leaving a sink full of dirty dishes! However, if you’re looking to go all out for Mom, and have the time to so, give our decadent Carrot Cake Pancakes a try. These pancakes plus a mimosa? Perfection!

Mom might just want a big ol’ mess o’ breakfast, though, and if that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with our recipe for Huevos Rancheros. Protein and flavor abound in this brunch menu staple, and Mom will appreciate the effort put into the resulting colorful dish. A simpler option is to go with the classic eggs (her way), toast, and turkey bacon. The key is to choose your menu based on Mom’s preferences—this is her day, after all!

Additional Tips

To reiterate, the thing to remember is that this day is all about Mom. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll pull off a successful Mother’s Day breakfast in bed:

Think about Mom’s tastes. Does she drink coffee or tea, or would she appreciate a boozy morning beverage? Does she like her eggs cooked a certain way?

Clean up! As we mentioned before, please do not leave a mess for Mom to clean up later. Keep meal prep simple if you’re anticipating difficulty tidying up afterward.

Consider the gift of sleep. Is there a way to plan breakfast so that Mom gets to snooze an extra half hour or a few? There’s a chance that this part of your gift, no matter how good your cooking is, will be the best part of the day. Moms (and, really, any caregivers) are often running on less sleep than they need!

With these tips and a can-do spirit, you can execute a successful Mother’s Day breakfast in bed for that special maternal figure in your life. And, if you play your cards right, this gift might even top that macaroni necklace you made in kindergarten. Here’s hoping!