Looking for an out-of-the ordinary field trip? Let’s Get Cooking

Life Changing & Simply Extraordinary!

Looking for a field-trip idea or group activity that is a fun and creative learning experience? Bring your school group to Superior Culinary Center! We will work with teachers to design a special field trip specific to your age group and needs. Learning has never tasted so good! Many of the students who take part in our field trips walk away with a new appreciation of where food actually comes from. As you already know, there are countless benefits to having occasional field trips for your students. But, can you think of a better impression to make on your students than teaching them how to cook or bake nutritious, healthy meals they love?

Superior Culinary Center – Inspiring people to connect through food

SCC is an innovative organization specializing in culinary cooking classes, kids cooking programs, team building, catering and corporate wellness training, utilizing the culinary arts. At Superior Culinary Center our mission is to teach you to cook a variety of healthy and flavorful meals featuring local, regional and world cuisine, served in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious manner by using our Caravan brand of spices and seasonings.

At SCC, we believe that with practice and patience you can begin to change your life and the lives of your children by learning how to cook and changing what you eat. We hope to encourage every adult and child we meet to make cooking a lifelong passion.

We’re more than a cooking school, we are a community committed to strengthening bodies, minds and neighborhoods. The mission of the SCC is to develop healthy children, families and communities across Southeastern Wisconsin by cutting through the myths and misinformation about health and nutrition.




During the Superior Culinary Field Trips, your students will discover the benefits of “real food” and find out how to use natural, alternative ingredients to make healthier meals. They will also learn the following cooking techniques: How to whip, blend, chop, mix, measure ingredients, knead dough, appreciate the process and so much more. Leverage your passion for cooking to be an integral part of ensuring the SCC continues to be a leader in making our city a healthy place to live

The practice of cooking and working with almost any recipe enables the  children to learn a variety of academic Organizations and educational facilities are coming to SCC  for a distinctive and interactive culinary encounter with our customized skills, while having fun.School field trips can be custom designed to fit a current lesson plan or theme the children are learning.

Cooking is a great opportunity to sharpen life-skills and stir-up creativity! It is also a great recipe for soaking-up some knowledge from the basic cognitive subject areas. In truth, any recipe prepared at our Culinary center is a chance to explore many topics of study such as Math, Science, Health, Reading/Language Arts and so much more.

The Superior Recreational Cooking School offers home school educators the opportunity for early daytime cooking activities.

Whether you’re looking for a field trip that focuses on a specific topic or just want to have fun, Superior Culinary Center is the place!. Book a Culinary Field Trip online or call Superior at (800) 960.4300!