Kids Cooking Classes 2020

Junior Chef Academy – Kids Culinary Program

Junior chefs Academy is Wisconsin’s first children’s recreational culinary school offering culinary classes, mini-camps, and birthday parties geared toward kids ages 5- 16. It is a hands-on, community-based cooking and nutrition education curriculum.

Please Note: Digital Registration Form Can Be Found Below. Form Must Be Completed In Addition To Payment In Order To Validate Registration. 

SCC Kids Cooking & Baking Class Registration Form
As the parent/legal guardian. we understand that said child will be participating in activities at Superior Culinary Center and in the course of such activities said child may have direct contact and exposure to various appliances, equipment and tools associated with cooking. I further understand that such appliances, equipment and tools are capable of causing serious personal injury and property damage. Knowing the risks of cooking, on behalf of the minor and myself, I agree to assume those risks and to release, indemnify and hold harmless Superior Equipment & Supply CO. and/or any of its Officers, Director, Employees, Agents, Contractors or Representatives for any and all personal injury and property damages resulting from said child’s participation in activities. I give Superior authority to seek emergency medical treatment for said child. I know of no medical or other condition that would prevent said child from participation in activities at Superior Culinary Center. I grant the right to photograph, reproduce, and use said child’s picture, silhouette, and other reproductions of physical likeness in connection with Superior Equipment promotions.
I hereby give permission for images of my child, captured during the Superior Culinary Center Summer Camp 2019 through video, photo and digital camera, to be used solely for the purposes of Superior Culinary Centers (SES Organization) promotional material and publications, and waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto. I grant the right to video tape for television, photograph, reproduce, and use my Childs picture, silhouette, and other reproductions of physical likeness in connection with SCC promotions.

Mission Statement:  

Our mission is to facilitate a youth cooking team that emphasizes active learning strategies and guided practice designed to provide significant nutrition awareness, culinary skills, food safety, cultural diversity, team building and self-esteem as they learn about making wise food choices for lifetime of good health. These children will have the opportunity to experience themselves as special, creative human beings capable of nurturing themselves and others through food and making wise food choices for lifetime good health.

Kids Culinary Program: Kids Cooking Classes:

Kids Can Cook! Kids cooking classes have been developed to inspire excite and feed the curiosity of your growing Chef. The young chefs will have the opportunity to cook & have fun in the kitchen. They will be introduced to cooking, vocabulary & techniques, tools and utensils, basics of etiquette, nutrition, safety in the kitchen, math and new foods

Kids and Teen Workshops:

Teens can learn essential skills like knife use, how to follow recipes, measuring, mixing, monitoring temperatures and time and kitchen safety. They may learn several cooking methods, like sautéing, dough or sauce making, and much more

Kinder Cooks: An outstanding course designed for you and your 3 to 5-year-old to attend together. Children and their parents will enjoy making meals together, learning and developing new skills, trying new foods and making new friends!

Junior Chefs:  This course gives 5-8year-old budding chefs the opportunity to experience a variety of cooking methods as they create delicious meals.  They will measure and mix ingredients, use a variety of kitchen tools, follow recipes, learn the basics of etiquette, nutrition, food safety and more!

Master Chefs: 9-12-year old’s will master a variety of cooking techniques and skills as they create delicious and nutritious meals. Students will learn how to create their own recipes, the basics of etiquette, nutrition, knife skills, food safety and more!

Teen Cuisine: 13-18-year old’s learn how to create one of your favorite foods four deliciously different ways! We’re using fresh ingredients all the way from Italy to create Italian–style Thin Crust Pizzas, Three Cheese Stuffed Calzones, and Caramel Apple Pastry Pizzas!