How to Support the Struggling Restaurants

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May 26, 2020
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Looking for ways to support the restaurant industry during the pandemic? There are numerous funds and creative campaigns launched that aim to get much-needed cash to restaurants, and fast. Here’s how to help.

The restaurant industry continues to flounder amid the now months-long shutdown of non-essential businesses. While some have already shuttered their doors, only time will reveal the true damage the virus will have on the restaurant industry. When things reopen, we may be greeted with a new post-pandemic “normal” and, quite possibly, with many of our favorite dining destinations missing from it. To help stem the tide of restaurant closures, it’s incumbent on all of us to support the eateries and food businesses if we’re able.

Food brands, individual personalities, and nonprofit organizations have all jumped into the fray to help drive awareness and raise funds for restaurants and restaurant workers in these critical days. Most restaurants operate on extremely tight margins and so direct infusions of cash to keep the lights on and landlords at bay are wholly important. Restaurant workers themselves are facing equal hardship in the face of prolonged unemployment and so several funds have been enacted to support them and their families.

Some of these opportunities to donate present opportunities for you, the consumer, too. From unique educational programming you can participate in to a new program for buying restaurant dining bonds that will actually increase in value; the industry has gotten creative in giving folks ways to pitch in (and score a little kickback for themselves, too). Of course, there are seemingly endless ways to simply donate too, which is likely the fastest and easiest way to help out a place you love. That and ordering takeout. Here are just a few of the different efforts around the country you can get involved in to help save restaurants and help restaurant workers.

Chefstival (Memorial Day Weekend)


Dining Bonds


Yelp and GoFundMe


The United States Bartenders Guild


RWCF COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund


Food Fight GA


Southern Smoke Foundation