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Superior Culinary Center – Inspiring people to connect through food

SCC inspires Girl Scouts on all points of their culinary journey by offering recreational cooking and girl scout badge programs for a distinctive an interactive experience. The Girl Scout Recreational Cooking program is paced accordingly for our girl scout aged child’s attention span and incorporates age- appropriate recipes and culinary skills while integrating basic nutrition, kitchen safety, and teaching moments to help young chefs become an active participant in the family kitchen. and start a lifelong process of healthy cooking and eating for the kids. All our cooking is from scratch cooking by using only the freshest ingredients.

SCC is excited to continue offering workshops that are based on Girl Scout Badges and Leadership Journeys. Superior is offering a wonderful opportunity for the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Wisconsin to earn their Cooking Badges by participating in super fun and educational cooking classes! We also offer customized classes if you’re just looking for a unique activity for your troop to participate in. Call or email for more information!

  • Brownies: Snack Badge
  • Juniors: Simple Easy Meals Badge
  • Cadettes: New Cuisines Badge
  • Seniors: Locavores Badge
  • Ambassadors: Dinner Party Badge

Our Girl Scout Cooking Workshop is designed to give budding chefs the opportunity to learn a variety of cooking methods which will emphasize safety, nutrition and great meals. This workshop covers most food and kitchen safety and nutritional aspects.  Some of the activities which will be covered during the interactive workshop include:

  • Kitchen Safety & Food Handling
  • Examples of food groups and recommended daily serving sizes, (as recommended by using the new food pyramid)
  • Recipe preparation using proper techniques and procedures
  • Meal Planning, planning a full meal, including nutritional information and grocery lists
  • Prepare a meal, hand on with a professional chef

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At SCC, we believe we’re more than a cooking school, we are a community committed to strengthening bodies, minds and neighborhoods. The mission of the SCC is to develop healthy children, families and communities across Southeastern Wisconsin by cutting through the myths and misinformation about health and nutrition.

We try and leverage our passion for cooking to be an integral part of ensuring the SCC continues to be a leader in making our city a healthy place to live. At SCC, we believe that with practice and patience you can begin to change your life and the lives of your children by learning how to cook and changing what you eat. We hope to encourage every adult and child we meet to make cooking a lifelong passion.

Please give our cooking program a try for your Girl Scout’s next culinary experience and spread our mission so we all together can create strong healthy families.