Fresh Ideas for Your Next Company Picnic

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September 6, 2019
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Summer is getting over, and it’s the perfect time to schedule a corporate event for team building or even just to boost morale. Here are 5 ideas you may be able to incorporate in your next company picnic.

#1: A Mediterranean Menu: With so many turning to a healthier diet, a Mediterranean meal at the company picnic is sure to please. Classic items to have on the menu include a Greek salad, hummus, marinated olives, falafel, stuffed grape leaves, lamb, and baklava for dessert.

#2: The Perfect Venue – A Sports Field: This is the perfect venue for a company outing, especially if families are invited. You have a great opportunity to enjoy a meal but also some outdoor recreation (as long as the weather cooperates). With so many presents, you may have to use signup sheets to keep the number of players reasonable for sports like softball or volleyball.

#3: Themes for Grown-Ups – Concert/Dance Party: Hiring a DJ or a band for a company picnic is a great way to keep grown-ups happy. This is ideal for a company event where the kids won’t be under foot.

#4: For the Kids – Water Fun: From Slip ‘N’” Sides to Super Soaker battles, if you are going to have a lot of kids at the company event, then be sure to include some fun involving water. Plus, grownups still love a good water balloon fight for blowing off some steam in the summer.

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Catering Safety Rules to Live By: A special event can be made an unforgettable experience when the food is of high caliber. Of course, the same can be said when food makes all of the guests sick. If you want your event to be remembered for the right reasons, you need to use a catering service you can rely on. Here are some of the important safety rules that accompany catering an event.

A Properly Trained Staff: When the staff of a catering service is properly trained in food safety, common mistakes are avoided. This is one reason that you want to choose a catering company with an experienced staff and a good reputation.

Careful Food Preparation: Safety first means frequent hand washing, especially after any staff member uses the bathroom. Special care has to be taken with raw foods that can convey various forms of bacteria. This may call for things such as a separate cutting board for meats and vegetables.

Correct Storage and Transportation: The food needs to look good when it arrives at an event, but it also has to be kept at the right temperature during transport or even at the event before food service begins. This ensures that everything is as healthful when it is eaten as it was when it was prepared.

Common Sense Is a Must: At home, a person may drop something on the floor and decide to eat it anyway. A professional business treats anything that is sullied in such a way as contaminated, and it gets thrown away. There’s no 10-second rule in a professional kitchen.

Superior Catering is proud to provide high-quality food that is safe for consumption. Our well-trained and experienced staff can help make your special event memorable for all of the right reasons. Call 414-671-1200 to get started today!