Superior Office Beverage Program

Office Coffee ServiceIIA World Class beverage experience!

It’s all about you! Your product, your customers, your bottom line.

Superior’s Caravan Office Coffee is an established leader in the coffee industry. We provide coffee service plans tailored to your business. We have provided coffee service and break room supplies to large corporations and family owned businesses for over 30 years and has added many new products to respond to customer desires.

Our exceptional services include:

  • Professional customer service for companies large and small.
  • Quality coffees, teas, break room supplies, purified drinking water and first aid supplies.
  • Prompt deliveries and trustworthy route drivers provide reliable service.
  • Inventory products always in stock.
  • High quality office coffee that is economical. We care about your budget!

We offer practical experience and knowledge from retail and wholesale operations to franchising and hospitality. Taste and quality are two primary concerns Superior focuses on, when choosing the right designed coffee brewing equipment to aid in this process while our roasters spend endless hours cultivating various blends of coffee to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Markets We Serve:

  • Offices & Business
  • Hotels
  • C-Store
  • Government
  • Universities & Schools
  • Gaming & Casinos
  • Health Care
  • Restaurants and Café
  • Churches

Office Coffee ServicesSuperior offers one source, whether you need just coffee, complementary allied specialty beverage products or a full service solution for coffee, specialty beverages, supplies equipment, training and support. We offer a mix of products from multiple lines to suit a variety of operational needs as well as different budgets.

Our Products

  • Specialty Coffee: Caravan Brand Single Origin Coffees, Organic Single Origin Coffees, Organic Blends, Light & Mild Blends, Medium Blends , Dark & Full Blends & Espresso Blends.
  • Iced Tea: Mighty Leaf, Rishi, Tea, Two leaves
  • Hot Tea: Mighty Leaf, Rishi, Tea, Two Leaves
  • Beverage Mixes: Big Train, Caffe D’Amore
  • Tea Espresso: Rooibos Tea Espresso
  • Gourmet Syrups & Sauces: Davinci, Dolce, Monin, Torani
  • Chai: Oregon Chai, David Rio Chai, Pacific Chai
  • Smoothie Mixes: Dr Smoothie, Jet, Monin, Tea Wave
  • Frappe Mixes: Jet
  • Hot Chocolate: Ghirardelli
  • Café Essentials: Dr Smoothie
  • Cold Beverage Mixes: Big Train
  • Condiments

Superior offers the highest levels of consistency and service available in the industry. Our team has decades of experience in sourcing and roasting the best coffee beans, often buying from sources that are unavailable to national institutional suppliers. We source Arabica Coffees exclusively and our coffees represent the highest quality coffees grown in the world. As craft roasters, we carefully determine the roasting profiles for every varietal to develop each coffees optimal flavor and aroma.

The Coffee

  • Single Origin Coffee
  • Flavored Coffee
  • Coffee Blends
  • Organic Blends
  • Espresso Blends
  • Swiss Water Process Decaf
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee
  • Fair Trade Certified Coffee
  • Organic Certified Coffee

Your total satisfaction is our reason for being here. Superior’s unwavering commitment to customer-focused solutions drives innovation, resulting in industry-leading products & programs that have been proven through decades of our customer experience. Our extensive product line is the basis for our mission of building the next-generation, single-source global beverage and foodservice equipment solution.