EducationAs recognized leaders in foodservice management and hospitality within the academic community, we aim to help students make the connection that their diet can affect how they feel, look and perform. From large school districts to private independent schools and higher education, our teams consist of a diverse family of food and nutrition specialists dedicated to providing healthy, fun and sustainable dining options for today’s students and clients.

We understand, engage and satisfy customers with tailored dining service operations by exceeding their unique needs and expectations. We have a passion for food, preserving our environment and insist on efficiency and quality while continuing to set the standards within the academic foodservice industry.


Mealtime needs to be fun and delicious, built around the kind of high-quality foods and fresh ingredients that energize and satisfy student’s on-the-go.

We pride ourselves in preparing high-quality dishes from fresh ingredients. The menus are constantly changing in order to meet student’s needs. We pride ourselves on being a dedicated specialist for those schools that insist on nutritious, fresh food.

We customize dining service solutions for your community that embrace issues of sustainability and social responsibility ensuring you get the best possible program for your school.

Our experience in educational dining service makes us a valuable partner for any learning environment. And because every client is unique, we offer an affordable range of fun, nutritional dining and educational solutions.

SES combines the value and resources of a global foodservices network with the on-site expertise of local managers. The combined resources behind our company help us offer your school the latest in nutritional science, and our business practices incorporate meaningful recycling and conservation programs. To stay fresh and focused, we work hard and move fast – just like your students. Finally, through meaningful alliances with corporations, health organizations, and the media, we have and will continue to invest our energy and resources in confronting obesity and other health issues facing today’s students.

We build and encourage strong relationships

Our clients are the most important thing to us. We build our business connections on honesty and integrity, ensuring that our relationships last years.

Simply put…specialists experience, quality and partnership!