Bringing more value to Fortune 500 companies and their employees.

CorporateWe have grown to serve the most respected and successful corporations in the US, many of them listed on the Fortune 500. Our recipe for success is flexibility, professionalism, presentation, with a dedication to exceptional cuisine and superior support services.

In today’s fast-paced, bottom line-driven corporate world we’re all expected to do more with less. Superior’s range of customized dining solutions enable organizations to demonstrate an appreciation for their employees while creating maximum value and utilizing diverse supplier partnerships.

Interacting with clients and employees on a personal level is our goal, each and every time. Just as important as the quality of the food we serve are the unique dining experiences we create by offering:

  • A true partnership beyond a vendor relationship
  • Diverse menu offerings
  • Promotions & Variety to increase participation
  • True cultural celebrations
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 Supplier Diversity Spend

We also take a comprehensive approach to your employees’ nutrition

Fresh Food Prepared for you with our Grab-n-Go box lunches, and easily accessible nutrition resources that are designed to help them make healthy choices all day long. Employees will feel better, and, with their increased energy and productivity, so will your bottom line.

Without a doubt, from day one, you’ll find you have a responsive, thorough, environmentally responsible, and dollar-conscious partner in step with you. We’ll do everything it takes to satisfy your needs, your budget, and, most importantly, the nutrition and health of your workforce.