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For the duo getting married, the day is a flurry of events. From the photographs during the morning at the salon to the final moment when the happy couple is whisked away in a car, the day is non-stop for the two getting married. But for everyone else, the day can drag along like a limp pony.

Especially difficult — the hour or more between the wedding and start of the reception. The newly married couple, their families, and the wedding parties are busy making picture perfect memories running around a nearby park posing for more than 1,000 photos. The rest of guests often sit in a reception hall listening to music while fiddling with their name cards on the table.

Work with your caterer to make this time as engaging as the rest of the day. After seeing hundreds of weddings, your caterer can help you (and the DJ) plan some good music and fun activities for your guests. And food. Plenty of good food.

Hungry guests aren’t happy guests. And most will be eagerly anticipating the reception meal. Plus, if there are kids at the wedding, the parents will be faced with little ones growing fussier by the minute. Be sure to offer a table of fresh fruits and vegetables along with some dips and cheese. Add in some kid friendly foods that will also make the parents happy — like all natural, organic PB&J squares.

Send out some hot canapés. It appears that 2016 will be the year of bacon; so ask your caterer to stuff, wrap, and infuse everything with bacon. Just a little goes a long way in adding flavor to hot food. And be kind to the vegans and vegetarians. Send out some falafel bits with a herb dip.

You can also surprise your guests with some extended dessert options. The wedding cake slices can feel small, so don’t be shy about offering pie and ice cream options. If the dancing is going to last for a few hours after the meal, send out a snack along with coffee and ice cream. Of course you want your guests to remember your wedding for its grace and beauty. However, they are much more likely to remember the bacon-wrapped goat cheese and chocolate chip ice cream.