Ambassador Scouts

Looking for a fun and educational outing for your Ambassadors Scout troop to learn a life skill?  We’ve designed a series of cooking programs for the Ambassadors Scouts. During these hands-on cooking sessions your Ambassadors Scouts have the opportunity to experience a variety of cooking methods as they create delicious healthy meals. They will work with our pro chefs to learn how to measure and mix ingredients, use a variety of kitchen tools, follow recipes, learn the basics of etiquette, nutrition, food safety and more!  to measure, mix and prepare delicious (and healthy) meals and snacks – all while they complete steps toward earning their Merit Cooking Badge.

The Ambassadors Scout Cooking program is paced accordingly for our Ambassadors scout aged child’s attention span and incorporates age- appropriate recipes and culinary skills while integrating basic nutrition, kitchen safety, and teaching moments to help young chefs become an active participant in the family kitchen. Our mission is to provide an educational and enjoyable service for every child involved.
Please Note: Purchase Does Not Secure a Date For Your Cooking Class. The Inquiry Form Below Must Be Completed In Addition To Payment In Order To Secure The Date & Time Requested.  

Disclaimer: Pricing Shown Is Based On a 12 Child Minimum. All Scout Cooking Classes Must Have At Least 12 Children In Order To Be Validated.

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