2020 Snack Trends for your Office

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January 1, 2020
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January 1, 2020

If you’re hungry for it, you can snack on it.

That’s the good news from America’s $86 billion snack and candy industry. With sales of snacks ($51 billion) and candies/confectionery ($35 billion) reaching record levels, snacks are booming—and people are hungry for more. Americans enjoyed 386 billion ready-to-eat snack foods in 2018 alone, making snacks and candies America’s fourth-largest category for consumable goods.

Yet today’s consumer is motivated by more than mere appetite. People want snack options that fit their diets, lifestyles, and ethics. Snack companies are responding by going both broad and deep, continuously innovating to offer more types of snacks and candies made from an increasingly diverse ingredient palate. Today those new products alone make up nearly 5% of all snack sales.

Trends: Americans Want Snacks That Are Healthy, Indulgent, Sustainable, and Personal. A good meal is fine, but between-meal snack times are now a daily priority for 55% of American consumers—up 5% since 2016. However, people are also increasingly conscious and deliberate about their snacking choices. They want snack options that combine health, indulgence, and sustainability, but that also feel personal and match to their own tastes.

Smart Foods

Premium Jerky

Snacks Made with Lower Sugar and/or Alternative Sweeteners

Collagen-Infused Snacks

Snacks Made with Recovered Ingredients

Cannabidiol (CBD)-Infused Snacks and Candies

Healthy High-Fat Foods

Marine Snacks

Tasty Times Ahead for Snack Lovers: The future of snack foods is bright, diverse, and full of flavor. Instead of having to stick to soul-sucking health foods or feel guilty about indulging in rich snacks, today’s consumer can find a range of snack foods that fits their personal balance of wellness and indulgence. The growing range of snack foods available will not only benefit the appetite but also the soul, society, and Mother Earth.