Tips on How to Host a Super Bowl Party

This year, go the distance by hosting a big game bash that guests will be cheering about until next season’s opening-day kickoff. Keep reading for easy-breezy hosting tips, a perfect party punch and decor ideas that couldn’t be simpler.

Arranging a Super Bowl Party isn’t as easy as it seems. That’s why help is here! Follow these hints, tricks, and invitation guidelines and the next football fete you throw is sure to be one to remember.

Be careful who you invite: A good mix of people — casual football fans, hardcore enthusiasts with some self-awareness, and people who don’t really care about the game but won’t spend three hours loudly proclaiming it — is what will turn this party up. Or down.

Stock up on brews: Professional party planners figure the average person will go through two beers an hour. The length of a typical football game is three hours give or take a few panic attack-inducing overtimes. Simple math means that a six-pack per person per game is a good rule to follow when hitting the beer aisle. And even though it’s winter and you’re inside and this may seem a little weird, break out the cooler. Multiple partygoers opening the fridge two times an hour means no beers are getting or staying frosty, which, appropriately, is really not cool.

Don’t ignore the tunes: Commercial breaks, half time, catastrophic lighting failures — plan for the game to be interrupted and guests to not be great conversationalists. Set up some playlists and keep them rolling through the same sound system Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are droning sonorously through. When there’s a break in the game, just switch inputs to the tunes already playing.

Get a disposable grill: Grilled food is a necessity at any football party, but not everyone has a, you know, grill. Good thing you can get disposable charcoal-burners for use on the deck, patio, lawn, or similar outside amenity. Don’t have a backyard or a grill? Grab an indoor job (they’re real, think George Foreman.). Don’t want to do that? Fine (gosh you’re difficult.), the least you can do is get a grill pan for your stove. All those prepared meats will have the pretty lines everyone associated with “mouthwatering delicious town”.

Focus on the Bathroom: Get lots of toilet paper. Make sure there’s plenty of hand soap. Seriously, this is very important. Can’t stress this enough. There’s going to be a lot of foot traffic coming in and out of the commode for the next four to eight hours — people should leave it as clean as when they came in. A few cans of air freshener helpfully placed on the toilet tank is also a good idea.

Have Plenty of Seating: Nobody wants to stand on a Sunday. Its why churches have pews and you have a couch… but that couch can’t fit everyone. Stock up on cheap folding chairs and bean bags. Repurpose footrests. Do what you gotta do to make sure everyone can sit at the same time.

Do gamble: The people not into football at the party are super chill, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying to get them into the game. The easiest way to do that? Wagering a few bucks. Don’t bother trying to explain Vegas betting lines — print out (or draw up yourself.) a box pool instead.

Treat the chicken right: No wings at football party is like no cake at a birthday — unbelievably sad. Wings that sit in sauce become soggy and gross quickly. Ensure some kind of crispness remains by completing every aspect of the order in person.

Be careful if you go potluck: It’s a big risk. You save a bunch of money but have to hope people don’t bring tofurkey burgers. A way to avoid this is to make everyone declare in a nice, big, public email chain exactly what they’re bringing.

Have backup snacks: It’s the fourth quarter. The beer your guests have been drinking has got them craving salty, sweet, and fatty food. The delicious guac, dips, or whatever it is you’ve been slaving over (frito pie with homemade Fritos?) is long gone. The perfectly engineered Dorito or similarly scientifically designed potato or corn chip should do you well here. Once everyone is loaded down with enough flavor dust to cause a silo explosion, send them on their way because, congrats, you’ve conquered the pigskin party.

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