Last Minute Romantic Ideas

Special occasions and big days have a way of sneaking up on you… birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day always seem like a distant issue until you only have a few days left. If you’ve forgotten to make plans for a special day, contact a caterer and ask about creating an intimate dinner at home.

The assumption is that a private chef at home will be incredibly expensive. However, you can work with a caterer to help you find a chef willing to work with almost any budget. For a more affordable at-home chef, your caterer can help you find a student chef willing to work for a discount. Generally, newer chefs will still make you an unbelievable meal; and with the help of an experienced assistant server, the night will feel smooth and relaxed.

Of course, atmosphere is an important part of any special evening. And with a tablecloth, candles, and a little music, almost any table in your home can become a romantic evening in Paris or Milan. Or create an exotic feel and use a coffee table and throw pillows to make your living room a Persian oasis. Work with the chef to customize the meal to match the mood. China, France, India, Brazil… select a cuisine and match the food. For an extra special evening, plan a getaway to the exotic location and offer it up as a gift over dessert.

Without special events and romantic evenings, day to day life seems like a never-ending cycle of work, house cleaning, and repairs to the roof. Everyone needs an evening away from their daily routine; ask your caterer to help you create memorable moments and add spice back into your most important relationship.

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