Celebrating Valentine’s Day With a Box of Chocolates

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, which means I should probably start thinking about what I’ll give my husband. Maybe some chocolate. But, wait, why chocolate? Why do we give chocolate on Valentine’s Day? why not caramels? Or cookies? Or pie?

Basically, we give chocolate on Valentine’s Day because some savvy businessman took advantage of the commercialization of the feast day of several martyred saints to sell surplus ingredients he had lying around. Pretty romantic stuff, huh? This Valentine’s Day, when you receive that box of chocolate, instead of getting bogged down in this aspect of the history, let me propose an alternative. Think about how good chocolate is, and how much your significant other must like you if he or she gave you something so delicious. Chances are, he or she doesn’t know the history. They just want you to know how special you are to them.

Valentine’s Day is here! Give your significant other the best gift of all – chocolate. Sound too cliched? Think again! The power of good quality chocolate should not be taken lightly. Finding that ultimate Valentine’s Day gift has a lot of hype, but we believe it should be rather simple. Customizable chocolate makes a pleasurable and tasty gift.

Check out all the different flavors and the variety that is available today. Whether you’re looking for organic, vegan, gluten-free, nutty, fruity, caramel, or spices, we should be able to easily concoct your own box full of beautiful chocolates. After all, everyone deserves the finest chocolate. Make your loved one’s day a little brighter this Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are the reasons why your loved one will be thrilled to receive a box filled with delectable goodies:

Everyone likes chocolate. Remember the feeling as a kid when you received a piece of chocolate? That childlike excitement is attainable even as an adult. When you bite into a creamy piece of milk chocolate speckled with toasted toffee pieces, it’s like a little piece of heaven. You can hand-select various kinds and create the perfect chocolate box.

Chocolate makes people happier – it’s scientifically proven. Dark chocolate contains serotonin which raises spirits, and the flavanols also increase positivity. After a long day at work, munching on a few pieces of chocolate boosts the mood.  What’s not to love about that!

It’s a tradition. Ever since Richard Cadbury created the first heart-shaped chocolate boxes in 1861, chocolate has become a Valentine’s Day symbol. Through the years, chocolate has brought joy to many people on this holiday. It’s fun to follow traditions, especially when they involve delicious morsels. Create a special tradition this year that is both memorable and yummy.

The presentation is perfect. No need to worry about wrapping or making the gift look pretty -chocolates come in a reusable box with the treats nestled inside crimson tissue paper. Your significant other will delight in opening the box and discovering your carefully hand-selected pieces.

Dark chocolate is healthy. Not only can the cacao content reduce the risk of diseases, but it can also lower blood pressure and hydrate skin. The antioxidants found in cacao fight against free radicals and toxins. Eating a few pieces of chocolate with a high cacao content has been shown to produce these healthful benefits. Dark chocolate also has a satisfying, earthy taste and low amounts of sugar. Full-bodied dark chocolate is a welcome change from typical sweet candy

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